Magnetophoretic Conductors and Diodes in a 3D Magnetic Field.

TitleMagnetophoretic Conductors and Diodes in a 3D Magnetic Field.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsR Abedini-Nassab, DY Joh, M Van Heest, C Baker, A Chilkoti, DM Murdoch, and BB Yellen
JournalAdvanced Functional Materials
Start Page4026
Pagination4026 - 4034
Date Published06/2016

We demonstrate magnetophoretic conductor tracks that can transport single magnetized beads and magnetically labeled single cells in a 3-dimensional time-varying magnetic field. The vertical field bias, in addition to the in-plane rotating field, has the advantage of reducing the attraction between particles, which inhibits the formation of particle clusters. However, the inclusion of a vertical field requires the re-design of magnetic track geometries which can transport magnetized objects across the substrate. Following insights from magnetic bubble technology, we found that successful magnetic conductor geometries defined in soft magnetic materials must be composed of alternating sections of positive and negative curvature. In addition to the previously studied magnetic tracks taken from the magnetic bubble literature, a drop-shape pattern was found to be even more adept at transporting small magnetic beads and single cells. Symmetric patterns are shown to achieve bi-directional conduction, whereas asymmetric patterns achieve unidirectional conduction. These designs represent the electrical circuit corollaries of the conductor and diode, respectively. Finally, we demonstrate biological applications in transporting single cells and in the size based separation of magnetic particles.

Short TitleAdvanced Functional Materials